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Annemarie Brown & Jessica Battilana, SF Street Food Festival

August 9, 2009 // by soundbites

This week I interviewed two organizers of San Francisco’s first Street Food Festival, right here in the Mission.

We talked about how the idea for the Street Food Festival came about, the synthesis between La Cocina‘s network of community-based food entrepreneurs, local restaurants like Delfina, more casual “Twitter street food” vendors, and the logistical and promotional heft of SF’s own 7X7 magazine.

If you want to know how SF’s street food scene differs from that of cities like New York and Los Angeles, some of the legal and logistical challenges faced by street food vendors, our what some of our favorite street foods are (hint: El Tonayense taco truck, no stranger to legal wrangling, was a big winner), check it out.


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