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Jesse Friedman, Beer & Nosh

August 16, 2009 // by soundbites

Hear Jesse Friedman, SF food and beer blogger, talk about his love for beer, how he got started homebrewing, and some upcoming events he’s been working on with SF food stalwarts like 4505 Meats‘ Ryan Farr, Jake at post-modern ice cream stand Humphry Slocombe, the master brewers over at Stockton’s Valley Brewing Company (the “best brewery you’ve never heard of,” according to Jesse), and more.

If you’ve ever wondered why imported beers like Heineken are often found in green bottles (and what this does to their flavor), why it’s taken Americans until very recently to develop a world-class beer scene (hint: it has something to do with this), how the much-maligned American-style lager is actually an impressive technical achievement, or just how the brewing process works, check it out.


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